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How many farmers will there be left in 10 years in Germany and Europe. What will they grow? How will our landscape look? What prices will we pay at the store? What will be the costs of our agriculture and methods of nutrition to our society, health, and environment?

In 2011 the EU agricultural policy after 2013 will be decided. Policy issues include not only subsidies, but also environmental protection, biodiversity, water and soil quality, regional development and animal protection, and a vote on prospective technology that won't impair the quality of our food and health. This vote has large implications for the fight against world hunger and global justice.

We should not leave European agricultural policy at the consent of lobbyists. These choices challenge all tax payers, consumers, and voters.

With the campaign "Meine Landwirtschaft", organizations from different domains in society ask questions and search for answers: on farms, in communities in cities and countrysides, and on the internet. We intend to create a dialogue between farmers and consumers, both in Germany and outside of its borders.We wish to develop sustainable perspectives, strengthen our networks, and enjoy our food and landscape.

What we already know: Business as usual is not an option.

Therefore, we strive for more democracy, in the food and agricultural sector. We take responsibility and put the common good, where necessary, above short-term individual interests. The Food and Agricultural Policy in Europe is our business. Her transformation is our choice. We invite you to participate in it.

"Meine Landwirtschaft - unsere Wahl" "My agriculture - our choice" is supported by 40 organizations and initiatives in many areas of society dealing with agriculture, nutrition, environment, nature protection, animal welfare, consumer protection, health, regional and international development. The initiators want to open a debate and be involved throughout passing of legislation. They hope many other organizations, especially regional and local initiatives and groups, businesses and individuals will join this campaign.

Basic paper and demands

Our basic paper addresses the current problems with the European Union's agricultural subsidy system, the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP). The CAP 2014-2020 needs to be fundamentally revised to address the ecological, social and economic challenges of the decades ahead. Overproduction and cheaper prices are not the answers.

Farmers and consumers are being played off against each other, while there are unique chances and a broad public willingness to take responsibility for diverse, healthy and enjoyable nurture and food culture, for shaping cultural landscapes and for opening new perspectives of live in the countryside.

Basic paper and demands

International co-operation

"Meine Landwirtschaft" is a member of ARC 2020 and aims to co-operate with likeminded initiatives and organisations throughout the European Community. Contact


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